Trail Run; Frankfurt am Main North – 14KM and 8 views of Europaturm

The Europaturm in Frankfurt is a 337 tall telecommunications tower. When it was built in 1979 it was the tallest free standing structure in Germany… until it was surpassed by the tower at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Now the Berlin Tower ‘Alex’ might be taller, it might be more famous as a Symbol of Germany, well it might even be better looking; but I love the Europaturm. Wherever you are in the North of the city you can use it to guide you back to the known world, in the Summer it glints in the Sun light and morning runs in the Winter are made all the more beautiful and surreal by the Pink-Purple lights on the towers top.

So this route is a great and simple route that loops around the Europaturm taking in plenty of nice parks, some forested areas and some nice City trail running. So in the manner of Hokusai’s 36 views of Mount Fujii, the pictures below are 8 of the views of the Europaturm that this run takes in.

Starting out at the Opera House the route heads to the left of the building, heading up Reuterweg before turning left at the end of the road towards the Westend University Campus and Grueneberg park. Read More

City Trail; Cologne – Rhein routes

I recently went to Cologne with a group of friends for a Stag party and decided to get some running in whilst there.

As the party was a weekend in July I was expecting beautiful weather and long meandering runs around Cologne and the Rhein area. Unfortunately the German weather had other plans and the weekend had wet, misty and pretty miserable weather throughout.

Because of the bad weather I was unable to any pictures on the routes, and because of the excessive about of beer consumed during the stag party I kept the routes as simple as possible with a North and a South run along the bank of the Rhein.

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Trail Run; Switzerland – A Heiden Wonderland

Living and working in Germany I am used to seeing perfect trail running spots fly by train or car windows, countryside and nature of such beauty sprinkled with hills, forests and wilderness. I had recently been down right to the south and looked on at the hills which start there and roll up into the Alps. I had the perfect opportunity to experience it in person on a short vacation that I would be taking in the North-East of Switzerland, and it was even more perfect than I had imagined.

So this is a little less like a trail report and more like a love letter… Read More

Trail Run; Taunus – 2 Feldbergs and an Old King

Around 40 mins north of Frankfurt is the area known as Taunus. A gentle rolling set of tree covered hills and mountains with beautiful old villages and towns nestled in and  amongst the peaks. Covered with snow and often inaccessible in the Winter months, in the Summer it is a trail running paradise with so many well marked trails and paths it’s untrue.

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Trail Run; Frankfurt am Main South – The perfect City trail

Frankfurt, Mainhatten, the financial centre of Europe, more easily associated with men in suits than sweating runners, but the City and surrrounding areas offers some pretty nice trail running and a surprising amount of different trails…if you know where to look.

Waking up early on a Summer morning and getting out into the City to run before it wakes up is a great feeling, and that was exactly my plan with this run. Up and out early enough to see the rabbits grazing on any patch of grass around, way before the City comes to life, before the hussle and bussle of people which make the place tick; considering I am usually one of the suits it is particularly liberating feeling.

This route is a 15km loop with a few gentle hills to make it interesting, but it’s a fast route one for the speedsters who also want to mix up the scenerry as it whips by. Read More

Trail Run; Taunus – 27KM Mountain Loop

Following on from the previous route in the Taunus, today I can add in a slight variation that I just found and completed this morning.

The Taunus is a huge area covering 2,700 kmand the whole of that is latticed with trails, paths, forestry double track paths and roads. So there are plenty of routes to pick from if you are looking for something a little less mountain focused.

This route has a mixture of both hill running and more gentle trails that really allow you to open up. It follows the same path up to the Grosser Feldberg as the previous route, but at the top, rather than coming back down for some more peak bagging, it takes in a much longer circular descent and return to Hohemark.

Given that we have already gone over the route up to the peak of the Grosser Feldberg, I will start from there today (although of course the GPS course includes all). When arriving at the peak, after a long hard climb, you head over to the back of the peak and pick up the trail to the right towards Sandplacken. Read More